What is Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp A Social Networking Website Its monthly active users are over 700 million Jan Koum launches Whatsapp in January 2009 It has features like sharing photos and video sharing and voice calls in it. There is also a feature which is WhatsApp status Let me tell you all the things that what is Whatsapp status.

What is Whatsapp Status

What is Whatsapp Status? Whatsapp status is such a feature in which you can show your friend by uploading photo video I will tell you some example so that you understand what is Whatsapp status 
You have taken photos by visiting such a place With your family Want to show those photos to your friends? Only then you can use WhatsApp status Upload all the photos you have at your WhatsApp status. Everyone who is connected with you will be able to see you have now understood what is Whatsapp status.

How To Use Whatsapp Status 

How To Use Whatsapp Status? Use Whatsapp Status Very Easy For this I have given a video below. You will see that video, you will understand how to use whatsapp status.

I hope you understand all the things If you have any questions, please comment me, I will definitely help you Share this with your friends this post.